Who needs the lottery? When you can create your own wealth.

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As I awake today I realize that today is the lottery but not just the normal drawing it is 1.5 billion. As I get into my meditation I ask to understand why we can not manifest unlimited wealth for all! So I do my normal chanting and prayer of gratitude. Once I am done it came to me why. What was the inner voice (My Angels & Guides) telling me? They said that yes all can manifest into our physical world here on earth. I said yes I know that but they said there are keys and vibrational energy to reach to manifest it into your physical world. I said interesting and that I knew that already as I do it daily and teach others this too.

Angels said wait you do know most of the keys but there is more. Well below I will be showing you some key points that they told me to let others know about. You see wealth comes in many forms although the more that positive people obtain financial freedom. the more it can be given to help other’s in their quest or vision to obtain their goals on earth. It is all a domino effect as we all see things.

Also if say for instance a group of people who are generous and positive get together to buy the lotto or do create a great ideal to not only benefit themselves but to help other’s Angels say it is more likely that the group of positive people verse’s the one’s who are self serving will manifest their desire.

I was in awe of this new realization of what made total sense on why things take longer to manifest into our physical reality. It was like when you pass your driver test for the first time and you say yes I did it moment. This is how the keys made me feel this morning receiving these messages. You don’t have to understand just allow an open mind and it will reach your sub conscious.

I will make it easier for you with some simple but powerful key points to use daily in your life. So open to manifesting your own inner wealth and don’t depend on instant gratification of the lottery.

Not saying it is a bad ideal to buy a ticket but your most likely to have longer success building your own creative business or your joy to help other’s in a turn hobby into a physical business can be more capable of reaching your highest potential in unlimited wealth! Below are some key points and my book can be downloaded for a $1.99 to help you reach the higher vibration and guide you to your own inner happiness on earth.

You’re not required to purchase it but It is one of the tools I strongly recommend to use if you are searching for true enlightenment & manifesting through your own Angels & Guides and God Consciousness.


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Below are the key points and tools I am recommending to reach your unlimited wealth!


  • Make an agenda for the goals you want to obtain in physical writing
  • Release your fear’s & doubts of your past
  • Ask God to help you release this by either words or writing and burning it in fireplace or safer location to do so
  • Go within you & create a ideal into a profitable business
  • We are all gifted and use your hobby or talent to create your desires into this physical world
  • Wake up each morning & pray or mediate
  • Through out your intent to GOD of how each day you will reach your goals
  • Visualize the life you will create but also include giving back to society
  • Take an hour or two a day to create some thing towards your goals
  • Do research on spirituality and business sense and learn them
  • Ask & it will be given with true faith
  • Do this as not only a task but as a lifestyle
  • Stay away from negative people & situations that keep you from your goal
  • Keep your vibration positive by doing things you love and surrounding yourself with like minded people.
  • Last but not least love you and know God does exist


                                             Know that you can obtain unlimited wealth! 

My Book below to help you

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Remember all is possible take action & you will see the unlimited wealth awaits you!

Written by

Spiritual Teacher Anna Simon

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