How to obtain Inner Peace by Meditation

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As I type this I am listening to meditation music for the soul as the sun rises. I have a vision to help others understand that inner peace is one of the key to accomplishing true balance or mind, body and soul balance. This article is going to be about meditation and the benefits to making this a daily lifestyle in your life.
Before we begin on this article which came to me as I finished prayer and lead to share with you all. Who am I you may ask? And why am I qualified to help others in this subject? Well I am Spiritual teacher & Author Anna Simon and recently won an award for one of the best metaphysical teachers in the world out of 800,000 I came out 11th right next to names like Doreen virtue etc. 11th place is actually high honor and my master number since I am only 42 years of age and my collogues are teachers that I have study when I was teenager.
But that is just a title and titles are just that but my gift is to help others lead me to be in this career of empowering people for nearly 20 years now. As I created my prospers and happier life with only a dream and me taking action and of course working hard the first 3 years of my early years.

Let’s begin with what this article is about Meditation!

 Meditation is one of the key’s to inner peace! As meditation does go a long way in reaching your higher self which connects to your Angels & Guides directly whom guide you daily. I understand that some might say I do not have time to mediate well that is just it. It does not take a lot of time to do and you can do it before you get up to start your day for 10 minutes. Below I will give you tools & a video prayer link I recommend you listen as you are sitting and not distracted.
Keynotes on mediation can be done in different forms. I did say you don’t have to close your eyes to do it. In deep practice it is best to do so although if you like me busy as a mother, wife and also working than a quick method is needed. Quick is not less as the angels told me simple technique is the most powerful way to connect to the creator (GOD conscious).
The benefits of doing this daily as I made it my life style and daily routine are unlimited. Not only do I have a flourishing practice and love of my soul mate but I feel blessed daily to have the inner knowledge come to me through mediation and prayer. It also protects your aura field which I be blogging sometime in the near future about that subject as well. Many health benefits as you have less stress and a sense of inner peace. You connect more to the creator and manifest more into your life as you vibration rises. So yes 10 minutes a day goes a long way! So let’s start everyday and yes even the weekends as well.


Meditation are done in many ways and I am listing them below! 

  • Conscious meditating is eyes open listing to a great mediation or tutorial that awakens your subconscious
  • Siting in silence as your mind thinks of nothing
  • Visualizing in silence as you create in your inner mind the desires or goals you want to accomplish daily
  • turning off your mind to reach your soul level and angels & guides to connect and get the inner peace & knowledge
  • less stress comes to you as mediation is made daily routine in your life
  • writing in silence is another way of mediation
  • painting or any creative art with meditation music
  • blogging with music of  Zen or any meditation music
  • Any form that brings relaxing within is meditation


The list can go on and on but no need to list them all. Below is my visual and voice prayer video. Please share and pass it a long as it is a powerful prayer that I ran into years ago and have been prosperous and happier ever since.

I hope you enjoyed this article and feel free to follow my blog and I will do the same for you as we all are here on earth to help one another grow as spiritual being living in a physical experience on earth!
Blessings to you all,
Anna Simon

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