Obtaining your own sanctuary

How to obtain your own sanctuary at home

It’s a question I get asked frequently by my clients and students. And my answer is always the same. It can be many forms as in a space in your home or mediating in your private space. But before I give you key noted below on how to obtain your own sanctuary? 
Let me tell you what is mine. As I am a mother ,wife and entrepreneur. I have a very busy schedule to say the least . I always find time to keep a sanctuary in my home and a daily routine. 
I have a home office and below is a picture of my section where I mediate and do my prayers etc.

As you can see it is what brings one peace and serenity to the soul. I love my candles and lavender oils . When I need to depress I turn on my candles & oil burners to put me in the state of mind .
If you do not know where to obtain the supplies that I speak of in my blogs so g worry I add picture links to where you can obtain them.

Key notes to obtain your own sanctuary : 

  • Find a space the is suitable in your home for you to retreat to 
  • Declutter the surroundings
  • Purchase spiritual items to make your space more peaceful or any visual items that you feel peace from.
  • Once that is done get a table and start making your Sanctuary section like mine you see in picture above
  • Then each day take 10 to 20 minutes a day and no excuses because I am a wife , mother and entrepreneur and this helps me align and manifest my goals and keeping in the positive energy.
  • Make this part of your daily life style and see the results come quickly


Below I am attaching links pictures to were you can obtain some of the items you see on my picture above


              “You are a divine child of a loving God and know all can be created into your physical reality now”


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            Blessings to you always & written by

            Spiritual Teacher

           Anna Simon


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