There is no magic wand to happiness

As I type this to share with all of you. I am frequently asked is there a magic wand to true happiness? The answer is NO. Although I do know the steps to obtaining your own true happiness. As I am constantly learning new keys to a happier life myself. I like to share with all of you.
Yes my life is truly a blessed one but the road to my life was not an easy one at all. As I am a mother,wife and now a grandma which is a true happy moment in my life. Yes I am a young grandma LOL. Life at the present time is very happy one.
But in like we have a balance and our own magic wand is created. How is it obtain you may ask ? If making a goal and working around the edges of life walls that are put in front of us.As we call that challenges.
Challenges are needed for us to grow as spiritual being living a human experience as I call it. We do create our own magic wand if we choose to get out of our fears and doubts within our self. So take it from me whom teaches and has learned this rule by the experience of life and me living it myself.
Create your own magic wand. How you may ask? Well your in luck that I teach this daily and will be giving you the first steps to obtaining your goals to a happier life!
And understand I am not perfect writer or nor in grammar since I made my own wealth without education nor from others giving me anything in life.
I did it with the belief in myself and faith in the Divine Creator (GOD).
Saying this all is possible I am living proof.
Believe in you because you are the magic wand!
               Lets get to the simple first steps below
 1. De-clutter your surroundings
                2. Read empowering articles,books,blogs on people who have                    similar situations to you whom have made it in life.
3. Make and agenda to what you like to see change in you.
4. Take action in what you like to see manifest .
5. Remember this one day at a time.
6. Focus on 1 thing at a time.
7. Every morning be thankful and pray or mediate

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This is the first steps to building your magic wand affect to your new and happier life. One step at a time and always keep going . Remember it took me years to master this and I am sharing with you steps to creating your own happy life. Find a hobby or talent which we all have a create a prosperous life for yourself and loved ones with that talent.
In upcoming blogs I be teaching how to use those talents and monetize them into a profitable business so you can live a happier life & abundantly as well. So if you like more information on this please contact me at the link below.

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