Psychic dreams & their meaning 


What does psychic dreams mean? As it comes to the end of the day . I feel that it has been another productive day towards helping others As I was led to write about psychic dreams.

I am preparing to go to bed and close my eyes and mediate as I have my dream journal that I keep near me. Why you may ask I need to write down my dreams at times ? Since I am a spiritual teacher one might think I don’t need one . Well you would think being a wife,mom & grandma plus entrepreneur would keep me busy enough to remember my dreams right ?

No wrong LOL. I tend to go ADHD at times and that is truth. So yes I do have a lot of Psychic Dreams. So yes I have to keep records at times. As it helps me tune in later if I re read it again.

Saying this if you desire to remember your dreams that are truly messages of what to come then I advise for you to get a dream journal. 

Once you awaken and had a psychic dream (which is a dream that has true intensity or felt truly real ) it can be a message from your Angels or Guides of what to come or just guidance on what is needed for that week from them.

Below I will give you keynotes on how to connect and get messages from your Angels through psychic dreams .

  • Have a psychic dream journal by your bed side 
  • It can be any type of journal or note pad on your smart phone works as well
  • Ask before you go to sleep a question to your Angels 
  • Get relax and in a meditation state 
  • Listen to relaxing music or just tune out 
  • Don’t be distracted by any electronics or tv phone etc..
  • Sleep and know that the more you practice the better it is to start receiving messages more frequently .

These psychic dreams will come in code as in pictures or different people you won’t recognize or you will depends on how they want to appear to you. Also know that Angels use symbols to send visual by dream state as well. The more you use it the better messages you will have.

“If you believe in connecting as you dream with your Angels the stronger the messages will be”

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