Why include God in your lifestyle?

It is 5:30 am central time and I am up getting my coffee and now on my I mac as I listen to mediate with my music in my headset because my husband is sleeping and he not an early bird LOL.But I asked GOD what is the next subject I should post on today? Well it came to me showing the inside of how can a business or career be more successful with GOD energy put into it.

Well funny you may ask? I am dedicated to helping others achieve their goals in having a prosperous life through their talents but most of all with GOD loving energy in it. As I am a successful spiritual teacher and yes it took years and a lot of work but I mastered how to do it with easy steps. Your in luck because I am going to just lay it out there and it is up to you if you want to use them or not.

I am just a down to earth woman with a goal that I obtain many years ago without education just a belief that everyone deserve to have a prosperous and happy life. I accomplished it with the steps I will inputing later on in this blog below. 

As I am typing I am forcing myself to get pumped up to go to the gym today my physical transformation because. I am blessed to have my daughter show me a routine that I can handle LOL..because she just won a medal as a powerlifter at her weight class so she is the one to give me a work out routine.

First things first as I awaken I thank GOD for my blessings and that for another day on earth to make a difference no matter how many people I reach or talk to today if I help two today than it is a goal met. I than go to get all my vitamins and drink them. I usually pick up my Mala beads and start to do my OM SHREEM BREEZE chant 108 times before I get to my office and start to blog.

Stay tune in the near future I will be posting on how to use Mala beads with chanting and prayer? But today is why you should put GOD in your business or career. So saying this I am do this daily and now it is my lifestyle more than a routine. Everyday that I do this it becomes more powerful and proven to me that my business has increase 100 percent since I started many years ago. 

I even stopped to test if it was that and guess what I didn’t receive the same results it slowed down so I started it up and never doubted it again and continue to weep the benefits. You might ask why so and how to do it? Simple answer we are children of a loving GOD  and in my belief as a spiritual person who believes in all is one .

That we are made of energy and GOD wants us to be happy and prosperous always but that we have free will to vibrate that positive energy into the Universe which I now believe in much more with the miracles it done for me in my life.  How and what steps to take to achieve this goal you may ask?

Steps to a successful life through including GOD in your life style

  • Make an agenda of how you want to start your day
  • Wake up and give gratitude 
  • Meditate for at least 5-15 minutes before you start your day
  • Take action at least do 1 hour a day towards your goal
  • Ask God for the blessing for your growing business or advancement in your career
  • Try to keep a healthy balance and eating right plus any form of exercise
  • Stick to this and make it your lifestyle and you will see the blessings shortly


I have never stop doing this simple steps and I always know it was the best thing to include GOD loving energy at the start of the day and I say thank you at the end of my day as well. 


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