How to connect with your Angels

Spiritual Teacher Anna Simon


As I type this I am drawn to teach some tools on how to connect with your guides. This is a frequent question I am being asked about. As I been connecting with my own Angels for all of my life. Not knowing it was them at times but they alway been there. A sense of peace comes through as I type this article. It is validating that they are here with me as I type this. You see Angels are always among us. Its being in the vibration or as we call it energy to receive their messages clearly. One must be at peace with themselves first to obtain the true messages from them.

Tips on how to connect with your Angels

  1. One must be at peace with one self
  2. Understanding that unconditional love starts within themselves first
  3. Be grateful of the life the GOD has given you
  4. Love others as you choose to be love
  5. See beyond the negative action of others
  6. Send love to others and bless all whom cross your path
  7. In the evening as you lay down to sleep release your worries and mediate or listen to calming music to connect your mind,body,soul.
  8. Ask your Angels to communicate with you clearly
  9. Angel Journal by your bed
  10. Each day be grateful for the gift of life
  11. Pay attention to your surroundings as signs will be revealed by your Angels


                             My personal picks to help connect to your Angels                                                                                                   


                                    Grateful  video to connect with your Angels



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