The secret to conquering your fears


                                        The secret to conquering your fears 


Stepping out of our comfort zone is a good thing to do sometimes. This is one of those times indeed. Me & my husband left Dallas Texas 2 days ago to venture to Coronado Island in San Diego  California.  We been filming our daily adventures as we go through different states.  As our 7 day adventure begins as we will be doing this as well for our antique vintage business to find new pieces for our store. So I be teaching online and working with my clients on the road to a true inner soul adventure. This is not only for me but for all that need to sometimes take a break from our routine life. So as I always say ; “If I can do it,so can you.”

Below is day 1 of recorded live video stream of my 30 day course which I will only be teaching 7 days of it as a sneak preview.

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