How to obtain the love you deserve ?

Is it possible to obtain the love we deserve?

Yes, it is possible to obtain the love you truly deserve! But how you may ask? Simple is as we seek outside ourselves love & validation. The key is that love was intended to start within us all.

Yes , you heard me love is intended to start within. God has always been in our heart & as we are made out of love energy by GOD we want to have validation from a partner that we do matter and are loved. 

As we get up each morning we shall say thank you to GOD for the love that we have within us. I do this daily and yes I am married and have children that love me but I still do this daily to keep my love energy radiating onto me and to other’s that I mentor and help. To obtain the love you seek? Was revealed to me the answer to that question many year’s ago. 

You see I when I was in my early 20’s seek the same as other’s have. Seeking love to validate me. I had to go through several heart breaks to understand . By my late 30’s when I finally realized that love is radiated within first. That is when I met my current husband  and knew that love radiated to me by what I felt inside of myself. Now I am in my 40’s and love myself and notice things more peaceful an inner peace that no other can replace . 

I came to realize that loving one self truly that a greater love appears onto you. With that said even a current love that has gone wrong can heal if you go within and focus on yourself. Then the true love will radiate and if GOD feels that the other person is ready to heal and make those changes he or she will start to radiate back onto you. 

Yes, even if you are not in a relationship seeking one and start to love thyself you will radiate the true love to you. Because loving you first shows that you are truly ready to give back to another and that will attract love into your life. 

Below I will post a meditation to help you each morning to radiate love onto you . Plus other tool’s to help you align your self with true self love. 



Here are some good tools to help obtain love in your life and much more


So please use  these methods on your quest to inner love 


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