How To Release Negative Energy

Break the negative pattern

Breaking the cycle of negative energy is not an easy thing to do

I have always been asked this by my students & clients , On how to break the negative energy in their lives. As I ask for the answer to flow out of me as I come out of  my conscious meditation . It hits me like a surge of energy and knowledge flowing easily from my thought process.

What is it you might ask?

I am about to tell you so hang tight & take this all in because it might be more than what your logical mind can handle. As you know we are all made of energy and love by the Divine Creator (GOD). Yes you heard right energy. Remember this is my message coming out of Meditation and is meant to help guide you to breaking negative energy & bad patterns in your life .

Well there is good energy & bad energy it is a balance on this earth. So if you are feeling negative & seem to always have these situations or people that are negative in your life . Then there must be something in your energy field that is called residue energy left from a past situation that you need to heal and forgive the past action.

So to make this easier I going to put easy tips & tools to help you disconnect from the negative energies & patterns that hold you back from your true happiness!

  • Release negative people out of your life
  • Take steps to removing the negative out of your life
  • Meditate & ask your Angels to make it easier to remove negative out of your life
  • Make a list of all negative thoughts and people that don’t serve your highest good
  • Burn that list or flush it down the toilet (Its a symbol of taking action).
  • Make a special serenity place in your home so you can mediate and prayer in private.
  • Do Meditation at least 10 minutes a day
  • Focus on your Mind,Body and Soul happiness
  • Find things that start guiding you to healing and becoming happier in your life
  • In the end of the day relax and go to bed happier and release what you worry about an hour before you sleep turn off all your phones ,computers and tv.
  • Listen to mediation music or anything to relax you
  • Give thanks each morning to GOD for the blessings in your life
  • Do all these and the tools I provide below and you will release the negative and continue to do it as a lifestyle .


Below is a list of tools I used through out of my career & it helps keep you in the positive energy always.



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