What is in store for us ? Is it ghosts, fun or mystery  adventures to the east coast ?

Morning of April 29th as I sit in the car tired due to my hectic past schedule. And my husband Matt driving in our eco friendly Toyota Avalon. As I normally gun ho about posting I am sipping my coffee and mustering out energy to post.

You see life is an adventure & you take the adventure as it comes. This adventure was inspired by my good friend daughter wedding in the Atlanta area . As we leave our Rockwall Texas home and road trip to Atlanta and film as we go into un foreseen territories of what we will see.

Ghost ? New Adventures ? Antiques or just plain fun with inspiring ideals for my next projects.

I thought I blog & let you know that I be posting as much that this trip allows in one week. A lot on my mind as we take a break to travel to different states and can’t wait after Atlanta we headed to the French quarter New Orleans as it is my husband first time there.

Exploring the Paranormal Experiences we might encounter . Yes I will be documentary and filming as we go.

So for now this is our first day on the road to the East as me and my husband await what is In store for us.

Did I tell you that when we get back we be packing to move to our new home? Yes I feel like super mom or woman after running  two business’s & taking care of a family so yes God gives me the energy to keep moving forward.

So stay tuned I be posting my videos and pictures on my Spiritwithinreach tv on my YouTube channel.

I go as I am guided to and to be successful in life you need to take action and work until you see results because the truth is I didn’t get this way by not putting the hours in to create my successful life!

20 years later I living the life I never thought I live ! 
I owe it to God first of all as using me as a vessel to inspire others and my parents for always being their for me and most of all my determination to succeed from poverty & to give my children the life they truly deserve.

Saying this never give up on your dreams and know there is no magic wand . Work hard and be grateful always and know God does answer in perfect timing to all our request.

Stay tune and have a blessed day !

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