Amazing Spiritual Manifesting Protection Cleansing Spray

Spiritual key Mist

Manifesting Kit

This is a Special Angel Spiritual Mist that I have been guided to create by the Divine Creator. Prior to pouring all our spiritual products we begin by combining essential aromatherapy oils and end by distilling it through blessings as well as prayers to purify it with as much positive energy as possible.

Spiritual Key Mist consist of a touch of Lavender oil, Rose Oil and Spring water with a pinch of Patchouli. It is also combined with energies of Angels and when you receive this, it will now be combined with yours.

All the ingredients that have created this concoction was told to me by the Angels back in 2008. I have recently decided to bring it back to the public. You may ask why now? Well, I was very busy with my teachings and sessions that I didn’t have enough leisure time to put my all into producing it until now. This creation requires devotion and I wanted to ensure I could devote my all to this beautiful concoction for you. With my children out of the house, it’s time to spread the prosperity even further with the help of the Divine Creator.

Now you may be wondering, what does this actually do?

To begin with, it clears your energy field while helping you regenerate positive energy throughout the day. Keeping a high amount of positive energy will help you raise your vibration which is key to manifestation. This spray has been created so you can manifest all into your reality while still remaining protected. The higher you get with your vibration, the more protection you need; this gives you the perfect concoction to raise your vibration by remaining in positive energy, which assists in manifestation and protects you while your chakras are opened. Rest assured in the validity of my formula, I’ve sold over 10,000 in 2008 and have been asked repeatedly by my clients since then to bring it back, so thanks to their requests, it is now being released via my private website and Etsy. I also have even better news, all my products will be released to the public within 3 weeks on other popular shopping sites!

How to use this magnificent and powerful spray?

• Spray morning and evening as you say the prayer that is enclosed to activate the spray.

• Remember follow direction to obtain the results. It works as fast as you put your true intent. Can be from 2 days to 2 weeks it really depends on you.

• As you spray remember to say prayer that is enclosed for you right after you spray.

• Believe it, feel it and allow it to aid you on your spiritual journey.

Last question, Are you ready?

******This price is for a 2-oz bottle only with no candle or stones. As it was taken for visual effect. However I will be posting my candles for sale very soon.*******************************************************************


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