Embarking on my new journey and how you can do the same.



In an Instant, my world has been changed. I have not been blogging due to these two crazy past months. As now I am back home and getting ready for my life change, a move to Scottsdale Arizona. I know I have been led to embark on my new journey by the Divine Creator and Angels. Let me explain what I mean. It all started when I been getting the urge to travel and do some soul searching. So as I always tell my clients and students, take charge and physical action and all will fall into place.

In February me and my hubby embarked on our first travel of the year to Coronado California and this is when my mind started to get a sense of a move was in store for me. As I laid on the beach hearing the waves my Angels spoke to me through my thoughts and said a new journey begins and you be moving by fall of September 2016. I brushed it off as hopeful thinking but I should know better right? Since I am always teaching about Angels. 

Well fast forward since then I had 3 trips and found my new home in Scottsdale Arizona. I also have changed my lifestyle as I am working out and eating healthier. And glad to report I have lost 6 inches since May 25 to now. I have 30 more pounds to go but I am ready to balance my Mind,Body,Soul!

The tools I use are my #fitbit #Weightwatchers app #Lose it #HCG drops. Plus of course #zumba and #workingout #exercise and #eatinghealthy. I will add my links below so you can find these tools very helpful. I highly recommend the #fitbitchargehr.

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At times I reflect and ask the Angels can I do this ? I ask that because we just got back from our week venture to Scottsdale to look for our new home. Well there is positives, my husband family is there and my cousins live there as well so we have family time. Plus I can go more frequently to Sedona since it be an hour away. As I have changed my lifestyle I can be more active as I can hike with my husband and do more activities. But main reason I can get inspired to do more books and projects in my spiritual vortex.

Don’t get me wrong I will miss Texas and all the great memories and not so great ones that are just a part of my soul journey on earth. I miss my two children who will remain in Texas and are now adults. But I will continue to visit because I have great friends still who will remain in Texas for now LOL. But most of all life is a journey and I am adventurous to say the least about me. So now begins the fun of packing and moving within 5 weeks yikes!

I am truly grateful that I am able to move this quickly and have the means to do so with GOD guidance and blessings. We are all one and as long as you ask you will receive! 

Stop dreaming and follow your own intuition , because it will led you to a path and new discovery of a new blessed path for you and your loved ones. 

Believe in you and all will fall into place !


Blessings ,

Anna Simon

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