How to find true love in this modern world 

Imagine a time when love meant something. We all envision a perfect romance that leads to marriage or full commitment. 
As I been guiding many in this subject for over 20 years. It all goes back to the same thing, everyone seeks love.

Now true love some might say it doesn’t exist. I can say it does indeed exist, but it starts with loving you first. 

For example, today I had a client I will name Katie to protect her privacy. She was self sacrificing receiving love from her partner. She was not setting her boundaries in the relationship. It was effecting her that he was so distracted on playing his games on the phone. 

She finally made a decision to vocally express how unhappy she was and that if he didn’t make time for the relationship she would be making permanent changes to put herself first .

Yes, self love is the key to finding love in the modern world. Loving yourself and finding out whom you truly are . Once you do start to self love you will soon find out what you truly desire in a partner. Love will radiate unto you.

There was a time when I went deep within and sometime to myself to find whom I was: I started to realize that I didn’t need another relationship to make me whole. God had another plan and I met my soul mate and now husband for nearly 6 years . 

To  radiate love in this modern world is to self love. Find whom you are and love you and see that the one or as we say true love will come to you.

Self love is the key to radiate true love onto you!

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