What is in store for us ? Is it ghosts, fun or mystery  adventures to the east coast ?

Morning of April 29th as I sit in the car tired due to my hectic past schedule. And my husband Matt driving in our eco friendly Toyota Avalon. As I normally gun ho about posting I am sipping my coffee and mustering out energy to post.

You see life is an adventure & you take the adventure as it comes. This adventure was inspired by my good friend daughter wedding in the Atlanta area . As we leave our Rockwall Texas home and road trip to Atlanta and film as we go into un foreseen territories of what we will see.

Ghost ? New Adventures ? Antiques or just plain fun with inspiring ideals for my next projects.

I thought I blog & let you know that I be posting as much that this trip allows in one week. A lot on my mind as we take a break to travel to different states and can’t wait after Atlanta we headed to the French quarter New Orleans as it is my husband first time there.

Exploring the Paranormal Experiences we might encounter . Yes I will be documentary and filming as we go.

So for now this is our first day on the road to the East as me and my husband await what is In store for us.

Did I tell you that when we get back we be packing to move to our new home? Yes I feel like super mom or woman after running  two business’s & taking care of a family so yes God gives me the energy to keep moving forward.

So stay tuned I be posting my videos and pictures on my Spiritwithinreach tv on my YouTube channel.

I go as I am guided to and to be successful in life you need to take action and work until you see results because the truth is I didn’t get this way by not putting the hours in to create my successful life!

20 years later I living the life I never thought I live ! 
I owe it to God first of all as using me as a vessel to inspire others and my parents for always being their for me and most of all my determination to succeed from poverty & to give my children the life they truly deserve.

Saying this never give up on your dreams and know there is no magic wand . Work hard and be grateful always and know God does answer in perfect timing to all our request.

Stay tune and have a blessed day !

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Anna Simon

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How To Release Negative Energy

Break the negative pattern

Breaking the cycle of negative energy is not an easy thing to do

I have always been asked this by my students & clients , On how to break the negative energy in their lives. As I ask for the answer to flow out of me as I come out of  my conscious meditation . It hits me like a surge of energy and knowledge flowing easily from my thought process.

What is it you might ask?

I am about to tell you so hang tight & take this all in because it might be more than what your logical mind can handle. As you know we are all made of energy and love by the Divine Creator (GOD). Yes you heard right energy. Remember this is my message coming out of Meditation and is meant to help guide you to breaking negative energy & bad patterns in your life .

Well there is good energy & bad energy it is a balance on this earth. So if you are feeling negative & seem to always have these situations or people that are negative in your life . Then there must be something in your energy field that is called residue energy left from a past situation that you need to heal and forgive the past action.

So to make this easier I going to put easy tips & tools to help you disconnect from the negative energies & patterns that hold you back from your true happiness!

  • Release negative people out of your life
  • Take steps to removing the negative out of your life
  • Meditate & ask your Angels to make it easier to remove negative out of your life
  • Make a list of all negative thoughts and people that don’t serve your highest good
  • Burn that list or flush it down the toilet (Its a symbol of taking action).
  • Make a special serenity place in your home so you can mediate and prayer in private.
  • Do Meditation at least 10 minutes a day
  • Focus on your Mind,Body and Soul happiness
  • Find things that start guiding you to healing and becoming happier in your life
  • In the end of the day relax and go to bed happier and release what you worry about an hour before you sleep turn off all your phones ,computers and tv.
  • Listen to mediation music or anything to relax you
  • Give thanks each morning to GOD for the blessings in your life
  • Do all these and the tools I provide below and you will release the negative and continue to do it as a lifestyle .


Below is a list of tools I used through out of my career & it helps keep you in the positive energy always.



Below are the products and tools 


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How to manifest easily the life you only dream of

How to manifest easily the life you only dream of


I frequently get asked this question by my clients and students. I guide them well through this question. It is not hard to obtain all  you want into your life. Matter of fact, I know many not so secrets that I used throughout my own career. 

You might say, what are they? Well first, let me tell you what I did for myself then I will give you links and tools to manifest your own desires into this reality. Because GOD (Universe) will never deny you what you truly intent or ask.

When I started my journey on living my life to the fullest. I started going within myself and meditating . As I asked GOD how can I obtain the life I truly deserved and what where the keys or answers I needed to know? A strange thing started to happen.

  • Meditation (Any form or prayer that connects you to GOD)
  • Releasing my doubts and fears
  • Belief that it is already manifesting into your physical world
  • Taking action on your desires or dreams
  • Feeling that it is about to happen
  • Being truly grateful 
  • Release it and don’t focus and it will happen in GOD timing (Won’t be long time)


And over the years GOD brought me ideals to create my own happiness in my life. It only took me years because I was hard headed and focused on other things. But once I started listening and researched what I was led to help me on my way. It manifested quickly and I never looked back.

Now I am living the life I truly never thought I live and it is all to spiritual secrets that are not secrets it is just knowing about them. Below is a special links to help you get there much faster than years it can be literally months. 

So what are you waiting for? Invest in you!      

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Believe in you & all will manifest!


Anna Simon



Tips to having a successful relationships

Tips to having a successful relationship


Now I am really excited on this subject because it’s what I love to guide people daily with this subject. Spiritually successful relationships can be obtained. I reflect back on the questions that  have been asked to me many times in my career. We look back and reflect on our childhood dreams on what we in vision our relationship should be. In our life we might of experienced seeing not so perfect relationships with our own parents. Maybe your parents are the prime example of how a true relationship should be.  Never the less we still have that vision of a great successful relationship we all wanted growing up.

Well it’s all fine and dandy that we feel this way but in the real world, relationships are work. Dealing with peoples upbringings or learning how your partner communicates is one of the hardest things to learn but it is possible. So as we grow up our dreams are dealt with reality as adults. Seeing that relationships are work, it can be painful if you attract what you fear is a failed relationship. Don’t worry, you can pick yourself up and conquer this disappointment of a failed relationship. Because we have all been there one time or another. It is the getting up and dusting yourself part that makes you conquer the disappointment of your first failed relationship. Learning from your past mistakes is the key to healing from that broken heart. 

Don’t allow the past to keep you in the past when there is wonderful blessings that can be in your present time if you move forward. To obtain the love & successful relationship you seek, you must take these tips seriously & try to put them into your present life. If you are single, believe that you can have a successful relationship. If you are in one, it can get better with these tips & tools below.

  • Release the fantasy that all relationships are perfect!
  • Let go of the past pain that your ex has put you through 
  • Forgive yourself for allowing the pain to continue within yourself
  • Love yourself & find things that make you truly happy 
  • If you just broke up with your ex, give yourself 60 days to find yourself and love yourself 
  • Make a list or you can journal what you can change within you first that can help your current relationship. 
  • Communication is the key 
  • Never settle just because you don’t want to be alone
  • Listen to your partners words and feelings as they should always do the same.
  • Happiness within yourself is the key to radiating the true loving relationship you deserve

These are some of the tips I recommend that have helped myself & my clients over the years. Also the tools below I advise to get on your path to a successful relationship.

Top secret to a successful marriage click below

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You deserve to have a successful relationship & if you need further guidance you can contact Anna below.

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Angels Communicate Daily With Us 

Angels do interact with us in many ways. You may ask how? Well, as I awaken every day I have a vivid memory of my dreams. You may ask what does that have to do with Angels? Well it has a lot to do with it because Angels communicate in our relaxed state of being.

As you begin to research & go within yourself to connect with your Angels they will start to communicate to you in your dream state.

You might say what if I don’t remember my dreams or sleep correctly ? Well later I will give you tools on how to get to your deep sleep so you can communicate with your Angels by dream state.

Yes you heard right we must be in full relaxation to connect to our Angels at first by dream state then we will advanced to awakening state.

Tips to succeed on communicating with your Angels in the dreams state!

  • An hour before you go to bed turn off the gadgets – phone,tv,computer ect.
  • Silence your mind
  • Remove any current distractions
  • Visualize a relaxing place in your mind
  • Listen to soothing music with no interruptions
  • Ask the questions in your mind directly to your Angels
  • Listen to the guidance by thoughts dreams and signs
  • Practice this until it comes natural to you
  • Never second guess yourself
  • Believe & know Angels are always guiding us

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How to have a productive & positive day

Hi everyone ,

I am excited to start doing video blogs. Which helps me manage my time much more for the things I love to do . I love helping other’s and teaching and mentoring . Why do I do this you may ask?  I am passionate about helping other’s  obtain their goals. So I will be doing some writing and video blogging.

My video blogging will consist of many subjects from:

  • Spirituality
  • Meditation
  • Love & Relationships
  • How to tutorials 
  • Traveling
  • Marketing
  • Metaphysical 
  • Podcasting
  • Angels
  • God conscious 
  • Cooking & Baking 
  • Much more


Below is today video blog and subject How to have a productive & happy day!




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Have a blessed day

Spiritual Teacher Anna Simon


How to succeed with your online business 


I decided to write on a subject that my clients & students ask me about frequently .

How to succeed with your online business or career with spiritual insights & I just realized that ever since I invested in my business and making the redo on my website and my income has doubled .

You have to go with your gut feelings (which are your Angels guiding you). I have been doing business my way for nearly 20 yrs and was hesitant to changing my website but it was time for a redo.

So last month I invested in my new website and had it SEO (search engine optimization ). That was the best thing I did for my business . Rest assure I also woke up early did my blogs and all my social media postings.

Don’t get me wrong I have had a very successful business already with my previous hard work but doing this new method and new design in my business triple my weekly income .

You might ask how I did so ? Well I started optimizing my own courses and promoting other successful teachers links as well. And as I did so it magnetized my income.

Below is one of the courses I recommend to help you magnetize your income.

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Besides the link above I am also going to give you free tools that you can receive on my radio show below.

Now I am going to give you my simple techniques live on my radio show.

It was a live show but now recorded so you can listen any time you like 😊

click on the picture to listen to my show

I love helping other’s so I work longer hours as I don’t need to anymore but I choose to help other’s obtain their own true success!

Believe in you

Love life & life will love you!

Anna Simon

How to obtain the love you deserve ?

Is it possible to obtain the love we deserve?

Yes, it is possible to obtain the love you truly deserve! But how you may ask? Simple is as we seek outside ourselves love & validation. The key is that love was intended to start within us all.

Yes , you heard me love is intended to start within. God has always been in our heart & as we are made out of love energy by GOD we want to have validation from a partner that we do matter and are loved. 

As we get up each morning we shall say thank you to GOD for the love that we have within us. I do this daily and yes I am married and have children that love me but I still do this daily to keep my love energy radiating onto me and to other’s that I mentor and help. To obtain the love you seek? Was revealed to me the answer to that question many year’s ago. 

You see I when I was in my early 20’s seek the same as other’s have. Seeking love to validate me. I had to go through several heart breaks to understand . By my late 30’s when I finally realized that love is radiated within first. That is when I met my current husband  and knew that love radiated to me by what I felt inside of myself. Now I am in my 40’s and love myself and notice things more peaceful an inner peace that no other can replace . 

I came to realize that loving one self truly that a greater love appears onto you. With that said even a current love that has gone wrong can heal if you go within and focus on yourself. Then the true love will radiate and if GOD feels that the other person is ready to heal and make those changes he or she will start to radiate back onto you. 

Yes, even if you are not in a relationship seeking one and start to love thyself you will radiate the true love to you. Because loving you first shows that you are truly ready to give back to another and that will attract love into your life. 

Below I will post a meditation to help you each morning to radiate love onto you . Plus other tool’s to help you align your self with true self love. 



Here are some good tools to help obtain love in your life and much more


So please use  these methods on your quest to inner love 


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Why is Gratitude the key to success!






Why is gratitude the key to success?

Well first of all I am grateful to all of you for reading my blog and appreciate you as your one of the reasons why I love my work . Gratitude is the key to opening doors to your success in spiritual ways. Now you might as Spiritual? Yes putting GOD in our work,business and in ever day life is the true key to a successful  life! You need to know that your business can strive or your career if you fine the simple keys I will list in my video meditation below.

To have an inner peace you must connect to your Mind,Body,Soul in terms (GOD). Once you reach the higher vibration you will see that anything you do will be successful as long as you continue to stay positive and align yourself in Mind,Body,Soul. Be one with yourself and all will be revealed. Doors will open as long as you find inner peace within yourself. 

Over the years my most successful times where when I put in every morning my prayers and gave thanks to GOD for all that I had in my present life. Also I always made sure I put an intent of what I wanted to manifest that week into my life.  If I was aligned and balanced in all 3 areas I would see my request be answered quickly.  Inner peace is a true gift from GOD but we as humans must first find it within ourselves to connect to the higher self. 

Be careful with your doubts and thoughts that make you feel negative. Stay positive and compliment yourself for the good things that you do. See the gift of loving yourself  to connect to the Mind,Body,Soul.  Once you do connect to the oneness all will come easier to you. Start today and go within you and allow yourself to release those past fears and all will succeed in what you do .

“Gratitude is the key to your true success in all you do”

     Below is a video I made earlier today to help you in your daily mediation 



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“Love life & life will love you back”

Anna Simon

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