Tips to successfully talk to your Angels

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Its early morning as I always blog in the morning before it becomes busy crazy. I will be doing video blogging to express my teachings better than writing. As I am more of a visual expressive person than in my actual writings. We always want to have a connection with our own Angels & Guides and it is not as difficult as one might might think.

Clients always ask me how do I communicate with my Angels and I answer to them is simple I ask they answer by our thoughts. Many are surprised how easy the answer is.It is not as hard as one my think. Also the way you can know is that there is no doubt and a light bulb feeling comes to play in your mind when they answer your questions. 

Simple is the most powerful tool to talk directly to your Angels”

If you seeking a quick tutorial that will teach you quick tools to get true results on connecting with your own Angels & Guides take a look at my video below and subscribe to my channel for weekly uploads.

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Obtaining your own sanctuary

How to obtain your own sanctuary at home

It’s a question I get asked frequently by my clients and students. And my answer is always the same. It can be many forms as in a space in your home or mediating in your private space. But before I give you key noted below on how to obtain your own sanctuary? 
Let me tell you what is mine. As I am a mother ,wife and entrepreneur. I have a very busy schedule to say the least . I always find time to keep a sanctuary in my home and a daily routine. 
I have a home office and below is a picture of my section where I mediate and do my prayers etc.

As you can see it is what brings one peace and serenity to the soul. I love my candles and lavender oils . When I need to depress I turn on my candles & oil burners to put me in the state of mind .
If you do not know where to obtain the supplies that I speak of in my blogs so g worry I add picture links to where you can obtain them.

Key notes to obtain your own sanctuary : 

  • Find a space the is suitable in your home for you to retreat to 
  • Declutter the surroundings
  • Purchase spiritual items to make your space more peaceful or any visual items that you feel peace from.
  • Once that is done get a table and start making your Sanctuary section like mine you see in picture above
  • Then each day take 10 to 20 minutes a day and no excuses because I am a wife , mother and entrepreneur and this helps me align and manifest my goals and keeping in the positive energy.
  • Make this part of your daily life style and see the results come quickly


Below I am attaching links pictures to were you can obtain some of the items you see on my picture above


              “You are a divine child of a loving God and know all can be created into your physical reality now”


              Please follow my blogs and I will do the same as we are all here to help one another succeed.


            Blessings to you always & written by

            Spiritual Teacher

           Anna Simon


Connecting to GOD through Mediation

Connect within & love thyself
“Truth is what we all seek” Meditating is a strong way to connect!


What is mediation? Does it help with our daily lives? The answer is very clear to me yes it is very beneficial to your Mind, Body , Soul. As a spiritual teacher to many I always are asked how do you mediate the right way? I state to them that there is no wrong way to Mediate but that I love doing it daily and with the little time that I do have I do it 10 mins a day through Mantra”s and Chanting plus Binaural beats. I will be explaining these definitions shortly below.

Meditation has a lot of benefits. You might as what are they? Well below I will be writing the summary of them. But for me it brings me inner peace and knowledge of the Divine. So please do 10 minutes a day and watch the benefits of Mediation manifest into your physical world.

Here are some key points on how Mediation is beneficial for you:

  • Brings inner peace to you
  • Raises your vibration(Aura field)
  • Connecting to your Angels & Guides
  • Higher Knowledge is brought directly to you
  • Less stress into your life
  • Prosperity will flow easier to you
  • Love will be radiating towards you easier
  • A sense of love within you
  • The truth you seek will be revealed the more you practice


As I was stating early about Mantra’s & Chanting and binaural beats , let me explain each one below so you know what they mean.

Mantra’s -A word or sound repeated to help concentrate in meditation. Normally in Hinduism and Buddhism ).

Chanting-A series of syllables or words that are sung on or intoned to the same note or a limited range of notes.

Binaural Beats-Binaural Beats’ is a term given to a measured change in brain activity when presented with audio stimulus. When a person is presented with a stereo sound with two different tones – the brain produces a response (binaural beat) which is hearing and responding to the difference between the tones, not the actual tones themselves. Therefor helping connect to your higher self. Awakening your brain in a higher consciousness.

Below are the best of the best mediation tools I recommend:


These are the true way to connect to the connector and I personally have used them throughout my 20 yrs as a Spiritual Teacher.


For more information on how to mediate ?

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Blessings to you

Anna Simon