Tips on how to manifest your goals into reality in 2018



As the new year of 2018 approaches, I contemplate on making new goals and how to manifest them through writing or verbal? I always have visualized and written my goals and they have always manifested into my physical life. This blog I am going to give you some tips and easy to do list so you too can manifest your goals into your life. You see I have written a book called Powerful Miracle Manifestation so I can help other’s obtain the life and true success that I have accomplished in my life. So below are simple tips that you can use today or any day to manifest it all into your life.


  • Make a list of goals you want to manifest for 2018
  • The list should be about 11 goals you want to accomplish
  • Put list were you can see it daily
  • Take action towards your goals
  • Release it to GOD and know it is already coming into your physical world
  • And watch your results manifest one request at a time 


Below is a list of items I personally use to manifest my goals!




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Anna Simon