Tips to successfully talk to your Angels

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Its early morning as I always blog in the morning before it becomes busy crazy. I will be doing video blogging to express my teachings better than writing. As I am more of a visual expressive person than in my actual writings. We always want to have a connection with our own Angels & Guides and it is not as difficult as one might might think.

Clients always ask me how do I communicate with my Angels and I answer to them is simple I ask they answer by our thoughts. Many are surprised how easy the answer is.It is not as hard as one my think. Also the way you can know is that there is no doubt and a light bulb feeling comes to play in your mind when they answer your questions. 

Simple is the most powerful tool to talk directly to your Angels”

If you seeking a quick tutorial that will teach you quick tools to get true results on connecting with your own Angels & Guides take a look at my video below and subscribe to my channel for weekly uploads.

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What does that mean to be a light worker?


Being a Light Worker to me means many things. It does not mean that you have to be a professional in the metaphysical or spiritual world to be one. As I been doing this professionally for 20 years myself now. I have seen many great light workers cross my path that were not professionals. As having a gift as we call it now (Psychic abilities ). Many of us are light workers. People who are born on this Earth to help other’s in this physical life. Light workers can be doctors,healers,mentors,spiritual teachers and yes true psychic counselors etc.. Being called to service is a inner knowing inside one’s heart and soul. A true light worker not only seeks the true connection with God but helps others lead to their own higher truth or as we say GOD . As I love teaching and mentoring other’s to a better and happier life. This calling is not always easy but of course like anything else challenges come into play when you do accept to be a light worker. For example we start doubting what we feel and working on our selves first as our spirit guides & angels guide us through self healing. That can be a challenge in itself and has no time limit but normally is processed quickly!

But the benefits of being a light worker is more rewarding and worth the challenges. As I love doing my life’s work and having financial freedom to have more time to teach other’s to make a happier life with their own gifts and talents!

How do you know if your a light worker?

  • Do you search for a higher truth?
  • Are people always being drawn to you?
  • Are you knowing about things before they actually happen?
  • Do you feeling the urge to help other’s strongly?
  • Are you researching the other side lately?
  • Are you having deep detailed dreams ?
  • Do people tell you their problems ?
  • Are you feeling it is time to do more than your already doing in your current career?
  • Are you feeling that you need to seek more knowledge of GOD or higher truth?
  • Did you feel different or kept to yourself when you where a younger child?
  • Do you naturally feel other’s emotions?
  • Are you feeling that its time to be of services to other’s?
  • Do you study spiritual awareness or metaphysical teachings?


If you answer yes to 5 or more of these questions above than yes you are a light worker. And I am so happy for your journey to come on this quest to help  other’s as we strive to heal this world as best as we can. Seek inner truth and listen to your gut because that is your Angels & Guides guiding you to your calling. Remember you will be awaken fully when you start working on you and healing yourself first! Many of my clients that come for a session end up becoming my students. First thing I tell them as a beginner light work is first step learning psychic protection & prayers etc.You can not open the door without protecting your Aura but I will be blogging more in days to come about psychic protection. I love being a light worker and yes it is a big responsibility but rewarding and makes life meaningful to me. So saying this if you feel you want to help other’s than take action and do research!

Be true to you first & know that you too can make a difference on this earth!

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Have a blessed & glorious day

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Anna Simon

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