How you can connect to your inner self and find peace as I did

Hiking In Sedona September 24,2016


I wake up today with a feeling of inner peace. It has been so many years of taking care of others which I love to do at home and all over the world with my life work as an Intuitive Mentor for over 20 plus years now. But as I came out of meditation I one day this past July was guided to have a move to go west. At the time I lived in Rockwall Texas 20 minutes east of Dallas. I had no plans to move anytime soon but God had another plan for me and my family. 

My mother in law and cousins live in the Phoenix area which we normally would visit ever 2 years but this year we have went two times. It was in August when we last visit I was led to search for a new home and one morning as we were visiting Angels guided me to wake up and start looking at places. Well as I instruct others to follow their Angels I do the same when my Angels tell me to do it I do it!

At first I was looking in Phoenix but I was already hiking that week and fell in love with the Scottsdale area felt more like us their. We are frequent hikers now so that would be the best place to live,surrounded by mountain and streams plus an hour and half away from Sedona made it the best area for me to live on my new journey to self inner peace and our new chapter.

We found our new perfect home in tranquility in McDowell mountain ranch area. Loved it and we went back home to Texas already had things in motion packed and moved to Scottsdale by September 5. Yes it happened that quickly and when you are pulled to do something and boy was it not easy moving that fast from another state but with the backing of GOD and my strong faith we pulled it off. 

A funny thing started to happen I been always wanting to get in better shape and normally in Texas I would just do zumba which is great but I could not run outside because it was so hot. Now not saying Arizona not hot but in fall and winter,spring their weather is perfect for me to hike daily and get to enjoy outdoor activities. 

Well since we been here me and my spouse have hiked daily and sometimes twice a day. We get up at 6 am as I meditate and he reads his bible and drinks coffee we prepare to go hiking for the next two hours which can burn 1200 calories yay. So far we been to many trails near our home but the most we loved is pinnacle peak in Scottsdale about 1 mile from our home. 

As I climb I have a sense of inner peace and grounding. It brings me a Divine Connection to our creator. It is a perfect form of true inner peace for myself. Let alone perfect before I start working with my clients from 11 am to 6 pm pacific standard time. I found the benefits to be excellent as well.

  • Inner Peace
  • Great exercise to reach your weight loss goals
  • Builds muscles and inches come off
  • See beautiful trails
  • Connect to nature & away from electronic devices so you can find McDowell
  • Inspires you to great ideals
  • Grounds you & motivates you 
  • So much benefits you must experience it yourself


The samples above is how it made me feel and results for me in the past month but everyone experiences differently. You also need good equipment to adventure in hiking as I truly found out the hard way LOL. So I will attach what I use and is needed if you going to start hiking mountains like myself. Below is a picture of me with my hiking boots and at pinnacle peak trail.



                   Must haves for hiking

  • Water # 1 about 2 liters if you going over 2 hours or less.
  • Good hiking boots and socks I attach pictures below
  • Hiking sticks which are good for strength and balance
  • Camel tranquility or any water holder to put your wallet and keys
  • Towels so you have something to wipe of your sweat
  • Sunscreen for sure and always apply it before your hike
  • Stay on your trail do not venture off
  • Hiking apps help me keep track of our mile and location


I love hiking and so much benefits to this great activity for a true Mind,Body,Spirit center of true Divine Inner Peace.

Below are the items I actually use on my daily hiking adventures to a happier me!


If you want to actually purchase them I purchase my items online and I made it easier so all you have to do is click on the pictures below and you can purchase them yourself at a discount price.





I truly believe that if you find what you love to do to balance yourself in Mind,Body,Spirit you will have true inner peace and your life will be transformed into the life you truly desired .

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Thank you ,

Anna Simon



How To Transform Your Life Into A Happier You



How to transform your life into a happier one? 


As I wake up to the beauty of the mountains and the churping of the birds I mediate and ask what is needed to be written in my blog to help others transform themselves as I did this past 45 days. As you know I love to blog and even though I have not blogged in a month or so due to my recent move from Dallas Texas to Scottsdale Arizona. I am now settled in and ready to blog again to help or just to read my daily adventures LOL. I tend to blog early mornings as it is peaceful and inspiration comes to me out of my prayers and meditation. 

This is going to be a quick  blog but a strong one since as I call upon the Angels to put love energy into this as all that reads are sent love healing energy. I transform my life recently with a vision to start a life of being healthier inside and out since I am 43 and not getting any younger LOL.Seriously it started with a trip to Arizona to visit my mother in law and I did do some traveling this past year if you read my past blogs you see I am such a road trip kind of girl . So bare with me on how I deliver this info but it will make sense by the end of the blog post. I was led by my Angels to travel this year and find a center place that I can transform my life and lead a good example to all my students and clients of re birth or transformation of one’s life. 

I did exactly that although I love the beaches in my later years I will be moving to Florida but for now that I am still young enough to do outdoor activites then Scottsdale it is. I came to visit In August as I was lead to do so. One day I woke up as I was visiting in Arizona and the Angels said go look for a place today and explore your options to transform and I did that because I always listen to my Angels because if I don’t I get kicked in the butt for it later lol. As I started looking my husband said you love Scottsdale so we looked there and found the place right by the mountain we both loved it. So we went home and told my parents and son we are moving and by now my family use to moving since we moved from California 12 years ago to Dallas Texas and now back to the West we go. They were happy to move towards California so it was a no brainer. 

Let me tell you to move out of state less then a month sounds crazy but we did it and Angels were right it was the best thing we done for all involved. Yes I miss my friends, my oldest daughter and my oldest son still live there but we will visit to. My little brother is there with his family as well as a cousin too but that is why they made airplanes and cars for lol. It was not easy packing and moving out of state but it happen and we got here safe and all went as smooth as a move can go.

Now to transforming ones life!


You don’t have to move out of state to transform your life that was my journey to do so. As I now am a frequent hiker and love it.You need to find what helps you transform so I am writting  these simple but powerful keys below to transform yourself to a better and happier you!

  • Find what gives you peace within
  • Prayer and Meditate at least 5-10 minutes a day. 
  • Write down your goals or desires
  • Take action on your inner feelings because ususally that is your higher guidance guiding you .
  • Make a routine to work out of walk anything to give you a start to a healthier you
  • Believe,Intent it,Action are main keys to also transform
  • Stick to your goals and remember one day at a time and you will reach your transformation.


Simple tools to transform your life and achieve your happier you zone if you also need a form of guidance in writting please purchase my book below by hiting the picture .


Believe in you and know that you are not alone in this great life’s journey!


“God is real and loves all”

Have a blessed day

Anna Simon

Embarking on my new journey and how you can do the same.




In an Instant, my world has been changed. I have not been blogging due to these two crazy past months. As now I am back home and getting ready for my life change, a move to Scottsdale Arizona. I know I have been led to embark on my new journey by the Divine Creator and Angels. Let me explain what I mean. It all started when I been getting the urge to travel and do some soul searching. So as I always tell my clients and students, take charge and physical action and all will fall into place.

In February me and my hubby embarked on our first travel of the year to Coronado California and this is when my mind started to get a sense of a move was in store for me. As I laid on the beach hearing the waves my Angels spoke to me through my thoughts and said a new journey begins and you be moving by fall of September 2016. I brushed it off as hopeful thinking but I should know better right? Since I am always teaching about Angels. 

Well fast forward since then I had 3 trips and found my new home in Scottsdale Arizona. I also have changed my lifestyle as I am working out and eating healthier. And glad to report I have lost 6 inches since May 25 to now. I have 30 more pounds to go but I am ready to balance my Mind,Body,Soul!

The tools I use are my #fitbit #Weightwatchers app #Lose it #HCG drops. Plus of course #zumba and #workingout #exercise and #eatinghealthy. I will add my links below so you can find these tools very helpful. I highly recommend the #fitbitchargehr.

Click the pictures for more information

At times I reflect and ask the Angels can I do this ? I ask that because we just got back from our week venture to Scottsdale to look for our new home. Well there is positives, my husband family is there and my cousins live there as well so we have family time. Plus I can go more frequently to Sedona since it be an hour away. As I have changed my lifestyle I can be more active as I can hike with my husband and do more activities. But main reason I can get inspired to do more books and projects in my spiritual vortex.

Don’t get me wrong I will miss Texas and all the great memories and not so great ones that are just a part of my soul journey on earth. I miss my two children who will remain in Texas and are now adults. But I will continue to visit because I have great friends still who will remain in Texas for now LOL. But most of all life is a journey and I am adventurous to say the least about me. So now begins the fun of packing and moving within 5 weeks yikes!

I am truly grateful that I am able to move this quickly and have the means to do so with GOD guidance and blessings. We are all one and as long as you ask you will receive! 

Stop dreaming and follow your own intuition , because it will led you to a path and new discovery of a new blessed path for you and your loved ones. 

Believe in you and all will fall into place !


Blessings ,

Anna Simon

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Amazing Spiritual Manifesting Protection Cleansing Spray

Manifesting Kit

Spiritual key Mist

Manifesting Kit

This is a Special Angel Spiritual Mist that I have been guided to create by the Divine Creator. Prior to pouring all our spiritual products we begin by combining essential aromatherapy oils and end by distilling it through blessings as well as prayers to purify it with as much positive energy as possible.

Spiritual Key Mist consist of a touch of Lavender oil, Rose Oil and Spring water with a pinch of Patchouli. It is also combined with energies of Angels and when you receive this, it will now be combined with yours.

All the ingredients that have created this concoction was told to me by the Angels back in 2008. I have recently decided to bring it back to the public. You may ask why now? Well, I was very busy with my teachings and sessions that I didn’t have enough leisure time to put my all into producing it until now. This creation requires devotion and I wanted to ensure I could devote my all to this beautiful concoction for you. With my children out of the house, it’s time to spread the prosperity even further with the help of the Divine Creator.

Now you may be wondering, what does this actually do?

To begin with, it clears your energy field while helping you regenerate positive energy throughout the day. Keeping a high amount of positive energy will help you raise your vibration which is key to manifestation. This spray has been created so you can manifest all into your reality while still remaining protected. The higher you get with your vibration, the more protection you need; this gives you the perfect concoction to raise your vibration by remaining in positive energy, which assists in manifestation and protects you while your chakras are opened. Rest assured in the validity of my formula, I’ve sold over 10,000 in 2008 and have been asked repeatedly by my clients since then to bring it back, so thanks to their requests, it is now being released via my private website and Etsy. I also have even better news, all my products will be released to the public within 3 weeks on other popular shopping sites!

How to use this magnificent and powerful spray?

• Spray morning and evening as you say the prayer that is enclosed to activate the spray.

• Remember follow direction to obtain the results. It works as fast as you put your true intent. Can be from 2 days to 2 weeks it really depends on you.

• As you spray remember to say prayer that is enclosed for you right after you spray.

• Believe it, feel it and allow it to aid you on your spiritual journey.

Last question, Are you ready?

******This price is for a 2-oz bottle only with no candle or stones. As it was taken for visual effect. However I will be posting my candles for sale very soon.*******************************************************************


To order my products please click on picture below



Please review my products via email at Spiritwithinreach@

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Thank you,

Anna Simon



How to understand your Angels messages


 How to understand your Angel messages 


Today is a beautiful day as I wake up this article came to my mind to post. My clients always ask me how do you understand when Angels communicate with us? Well first of all they do communicate with us in many different ways. Meditation is the key to instant connecting with your own Angels & Guides. Yes you can meditate for 5 to 10 minutes a day as you lay down in your bed awake. For example I do this daily I pray and chant to raise my vibration to connect with them daily.

First of all you must open your crown and third eye chakra. You might ask what is your crown and third eye chakra or what is chakras? Well first of all your chakras are many energy points that connect to the GOD  conscious . You must raise your vibration which is energy to listen clearly to the Angels messages.  The crown chakra is on top of your head and that is why they call it the crown chakra. You can tap on it 3 times with your hand to open your chakras  with meditation music to go along with it. The third eye chakra is above your nose in between your eyebrows as you repeat this method that you where instructed for your crown chakra.

Once you practice this daily and feel connected with yourself and your Angels the messages will start coming clearly. Naturally the Angels communicate with us daily but understanding them can be hard to make out so below are simple tips that you can use to understand them.


Angel Teacher picture Anna Simon

Simple tips below to use daily to understand your Angels

  • Mediate 10 minutes a day with music or sounds of water falls or ocean waves.
  • Write to your Angels in your Angel journal which can be a simple one you can create yourself.
  • Listen to your inner thoughts for they are the Angels communicating with you.
  • Never doubt your feelings or thoughts for they are messages from your Angels
  • Signs to watch out for can be simple as feathers,butterflies and yes pennies or dimes.
  • Angels love flowers and smells as in rose oil and lavender so burn some oil as you pray
  • Simple to the point use these methods and see the messages come in clearly to you


If you need further teaching on how to communicate with your Angels ?

Schedule a session with me today just hit this sentence link!

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Anna Simon


What is in store for us ? Is it ghosts, fun or mystery  adventures to the east coast ?

Morning of April 29th as I sit in the car tired due to my hectic past schedule. And my husband Matt driving in our eco friendly Toyota Avalon. As I normally gun ho about posting I am sipping my coffee and mustering out energy to post.

You see life is an adventure & you take the adventure as it comes. This adventure was inspired by my good friend daughter wedding in the Atlanta area . As we leave our Rockwall Texas home and road trip to Atlanta and film as we go into un foreseen territories of what we will see.

Ghost ? New Adventures ? Antiques or just plain fun with inspiring ideals for my next projects.

I thought I blog & let you know that I be posting as much that this trip allows in one week. A lot on my mind as we take a break to travel to different states and can’t wait after Atlanta we headed to the French quarter New Orleans as it is my husband first time there.

Exploring the Paranormal Experiences we might encounter . Yes I will be documentary and filming as we go.

So for now this is our first day on the road to the East as me and my husband await what is In store for us.

Did I tell you that when we get back we be packing to move to our new home? Yes I feel like super mom or woman after running  two business’s & taking care of a family so yes God gives me the energy to keep moving forward.

So stay tuned I be posting my videos and pictures on my Spiritwithinreach tv on my YouTube channel.

I go as I am guided to and to be successful in life you need to take action and work until you see results because the truth is I didn’t get this way by not putting the hours in to create my successful life!

20 years later I living the life I never thought I live ! 
I owe it to God first of all as using me as a vessel to inspire others and my parents for always being their for me and most of all my determination to succeed from poverty & to give my children the life they truly deserve.

Saying this never give up on your dreams and know there is no magic wand . Work hard and be grateful always and know God does answer in perfect timing to all our request.

Stay tune and have a blessed day !

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Anna Simon

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How To Release Negative Energy

How to release negative energy -Anna Simon

Break the negative pattern

Breaking the cycle of negative energy is not an easy thing to do

I have always been asked this by my students & clients , On how to break the negative energy in their lives. As I ask for the answer to flow out of me as I come out of  my conscious meditation . It hits me like a surge of energy and knowledge flowing easily from my thought process.

What is it you might ask?

I am about to tell you so hang tight & take this all in because it might be more than what your logical mind can handle. As you know we are all made of energy and love by the Divine Creator (GOD). Yes you heard right energy. Remember this is my message coming out of Meditation and is meant to help guide you to breaking negative energy & bad patterns in your life .

Well there is good energy & bad energy it is a balance on this earth. So if you are feeling negative & seem to always have these situations or people that are negative in your life . Then there must be something in your energy field that is called residue energy left from a past situation that you need to heal and forgive the past action.

So to make this easier I going to put easy tips & tools to help you disconnect from the negative energies & patterns that hold you back from your true happiness!

  • Release negative people out of your life
  • Take steps to removing the negative out of your life
  • Meditate & ask your Angels to make it easier to remove negative out of your life
  • Make a list of all negative thoughts and people that don’t serve your highest good
  • Burn that list or flush it down the toilet (Its a symbol of taking action).
  • Make a special serenity place in your home so you can mediate and prayer in private.
  • Do Meditation at least 10 minutes a day
  • Focus on your Mind,Body and Soul happiness
  • Find things that start guiding you to healing and becoming happier in your life
  • In the end of the day relax and go to bed happier and release what you worry about an hour before you sleep turn off all your phones ,computers and tv.
  • Listen to mediation music or anything to relax you
  • Give thanks each morning to GOD for the blessings in your life
  • Do all these and the tools I provide below and you will release the negative and continue to do it as a lifestyle .


Below is a list of tools I used through out of my career & it helps keep you in the positive energy always.



Below are the products and tools 


      Click on the pictures to view the item below   


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                           Click on the link above for more details about these products 

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